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The Best Legal Portals and Websites

Legal Portals with search forms

FindLaw is one of the highest-trafficked legal portals, providing a comprehensive set of legal resources on the Internet for legal professionals, businesses, students and individuals. These resources include Web search utilities, cases and codes, legal news, an online career center, and community-oriented tools, such as a secure document management utility, mailing lists, message boards and free email.

FindLaw at findlaw.com

Hieros Gamos (HC)
Hieros Gamos is one of the biggest legal portals.  You find a comprehensive guide to law and government worldwide with legal links, seminars, free databases and software.

Hieros Gamos (HC)at www.hg.org

JURIST, The Law School Source
JURIST is a legal education portal, a university-based academic gateway to authoritative legal instruction, information and scholarship online. JURIST is edited by a team of Net-literate law professors from law schools across the United States and around the world. It's designed for people learning, teaching or researching law - legal scholars, law students, law librarians, lawyers and judges, journalists, and interested citizens. JURIST is hosted in the US at the University of Pittsburgh, and publishes special editions for more than 110 US law schools.

JURIST at jurist.law.pitt.edu

Legal Information Institute (LII) - Cornell Law School
Legal Information Institute has a no-nonsense approach that is much more focused on the law itself. You can find primary legal resources (cases, codes, state and federal agency information, international materials, ...) and reputable secondary legal resources.

Legal Information Institute at www.law.cornell.edu

Other Legal websites

American Law Sources On-line (ALSO)  - www.lawsource.com
American Law Sources On-line provides a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to freely accessible on-line sources of law for the United States and Canada (there is also a link for Mexico). This site contains additional links to sources of commentary and practice aids that are available without charge (or available at a reasonable charge from governmental and nonprofit providers).
GigaLaw.com  - www.gigalaw.com
GigaLaw.com provides legal information for Internet and technology professionals, Internet entrepreneurs and the lawyers who serve them. GigaLaw.com is produced exclusively by lawyers and law professors. Find articles about Accessibility, Advertising, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Contracts, Copyright Law, Crime, Cybersquatting, Databases, Disabilities, Domain Names, Email, Employment Law, Escrow, Financial, Free Speech, Gambling & Sweepstakes, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International Law, Jurisdiction, Legal System, Patent Law, Politics, Privacy, Real Estate, Software, Taxes, Trademarks, Trade Secrets and more..
Law.com  - www.law.com
A wholly-owned subsidiary of American Lawyer Media (ALM), Law.com is probably the Web's most comprehensive destination for the legal professional. It includes legal news, self-help and business law resource guides, attorney career information and continuing education, links to other sites (including legal forms available online), a legal dictionary,  job listings (for attorneys, para-legals, legal secretaries, managers, and support staff) and an online bookstore.

Law-related Weblogs (blawgs)

blawg Search  - blawgs.detod.com
Detod Communications, Inc. offers a search engine designed to find law-related blog (or blawg) content.
Consensus at Lawyerpoint  - bpdg.blogs.eff.org
The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization devoted to protecting civil liberties in cyberspace, sponsors this Web log. It follows the work of the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group and efforts to develop a consensus on regulation of digital broadcasting.
ICANNWatch.org  - www.icannwatch.org
ICANNWatch.org is a collaborative effort. It is unincorporated, and operates thanks to unpaid volunteer efforts and to free, open source, software. ICANN stands for "The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers".
LawMeme - Yale Law School  - grep.law.harvard.edu
Greplaw is a production of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. Greplaw's goal is to create a frequently updated, highly interactive forum for the dissemination and discussion of legal news concerning information technology.
LawMeme - Yale Law School  - research.yale.edu/lawmeme
LawMeme, a law and technology blog at Yale Law School, has been in operation since 2001. The organization focuses on the mutual influence of technological development and legal doctrine, with a particular focus on civil rights online, intellectual property, and the first amendment. The blog is hosted at Yale and is operated by Yale students, but submissions to the blog come from outside sources, too.
TechLawAdvisor.com  - www.techlawadvisor.com
The goals of the Tech Law Advisor web log are to provide information, resources and news commentary on issues at the intersection of Law, Technology and Liberty, especially to point out those times where individuals are attempting to use "law" to hinder and trample the rights' of others; whether this be the right to share music, link to other web sites or to simply contract freely.
Trademark Blog  - trademark.blog.us/blog
New York City lawyer Martin Schwimmer updates this blog several times a day with news about trademarks and domain names.


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