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The Best Music websites

General Music websites

All Music Guide - AMG  - www.allmusic.com
The AMG All Music Guide is known for its extensive, detailed, and critical biographies of thousands of performers, as well as thorough discographies. This information alone makes it one of the most comprehensive, authoritative sources for music information on the web. Just about everything in the All Music Guide database is massively cross-linked, allowing you to not only get full information about a particular artist but making it easy to simply click through for information on related artists, musical styles, instruments... the range of interlinked information is truly impressive.
Essentials Of Music  - www.essentialsofmusic.com
Whether you're a casual listener or a serious music student, here's the site for basic information about classical music. Created in cooperation with W.W. Norton & Company, it's built around Essential Classics (classical CD series), the series specially designed to introduce you to the best music of every period. All through the site you'll find almost 200 excerpts from Essential Classics. You'll also find:
  • Eras: Overviews of the six main periods in music history - Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century.
  • Composers: Brief biographies of nearly 70 composers, which will bring to life the artists and their works.
  • Music Glossary: 200 definitions with numerous musical examples.
Fourth Essential of Life, The  - library.thinkquest.org/C001507
Articles about the many different dimensions of music: the physical effects music on people, musical cultures of the world, and the basics of music.
Internet Underground Music Archive - IUMA  - www.iuma.com
The "Internet Underground Music Archive" (IUMA) is the one place to post your music where actual musicians are watching out for you. Get a free custom web page where you can post all your band info and MP3s, sell CDs, create message boards, fan lists, and of course, get email from your fans.
Oddmusic.com  - www.oddmusic.com
Oddmusic.com is for anyone interested in unique, unusual, ethnic, or experimental music and instruments. So if you play stalagmites in a cave, the kaval, play telegraph wires across the Nullarbor Plain, call whales with a Waterphone, or just love listening, this site is for you.
Spinner.com  - www.spinner.com
Spinner.com is the first and largest Internet music service, broadcasting over 22 million songs each week to listeners all over the world. With over 375,000+ songs in rotation on 150+ music channels, Spinner spans an extraordinarily diverse range of musical styles. The free Spinner Plus downloadable music player offers reliable, high-quality audio while providing dynamic links to comprehensive artist information and music purchase options. High-profile music downloads and promotional features with marquee artists are also available from the Spinner.com web site.
Yahoo! Music Unlimited  - music.yahoo.com
Yahoo! Music Unlimited is a subscription music service with over a million songs you can enjoy at a very low price.
Subscription music is like cable TV: as long as you maintain your subscription, your songs are playable; if you end your subscription, the songs are no longer available.
You can play and save over a million songs to your PC, make playlists, share music with friends using Messenger1, take your music with you on subscription-compatible portable devices (with the To Go option)2, and more.
Yahoo! Music Unlimited is available monthly or yearly.

Music Charts

Acclaimed Music  - members.fortunecity.com/acclaimedmusic
The most recommended rock albums and singles of all time. Lists from critics have been compiled to ultimate top 1000 lists and top 30 lists by year.
All-Reviews.com - Top 50  - www.all-reviews.com/musicchart.htm
The top 50 rock, pop, and alternative songs of the week, with a short review of each song.
ARC Weekly Top 40, The  - www.rockonthenet.com/charts
"Rock On The Net's" exclusive weekly Top 40 pop chart updated every Thursday and referenced all over the world. Including an archive of ARC Weekly Top 40 charts dating back to 1980 including the Top 100 songs from each year and decade.
BBC Radio 1 - Chart  - www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chart
Includes official UK Top 40, new releases, music news, and more.
Best Selling Albums of All Time, The  - hometown.aol.com/PaulHry/music/riaa.html
Chart based on RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) statistics sales certifications.
Billboard.com  - www.billboard.com
Including many charts: The Billboard 200, Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, Top Country Albums, Top Pop Catalog Albums, Top Electronic Albums, Heatseekers, Top Independent Albums, Top Internet Albums, The Billboard Hot 100, Modern Rock Tracks, Hot Rap Tracks, Hot Country Singles & Tracks, Hot Dance Music/Club Play, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks, Adult Top 40, Hot Latin Tracks, Top Latin Albums.
Charts All Over the World  - www.lanet.lv/misc/charts
Collection of links to worldwide music charts on the Net from more than 80 countries. Search engine for more than 900 updated chart pages.
CountryCharts.com  - www.countrycharts.com
Latest breaking country charts, news, and live country radio.
Ctop Worldwide Hitlist  - www.ctop.cc
Charts of music, books, and cinema from all over the world. Features RealVideo clips.
Happy Songs  - www.happysongs.nl
Interactive chart of the Top 100 happy songs.
Ratethemusic.com  - www.ratethemusic.com
Polls for various types of new music; prizes.
Roughstock  - www.roughstock.com
Weekly country music chart where you vote and listen online.
Top40-Charts.com  - top40-charts.com
Contains 30 "Top 20" and "Top 40" charts and news from 22 countries around the world.

All Music Charts websites...

Music Education

Music Improvisation

Jazz Improvisation Primer, A  - www.outsideshore.com/primer/primer
A Jazz Improvisation Primer by Marc Sabatella. Here you can find information on almost every topic relating to jazz improvisation, from jazz history to music theory to practical advice on playing in a group. Including a Brief History Of Jazz Music, Jazz Fundamentals, Chord/Scale Relationships, Applying The Theory To Improvisation, Accompanying, Playing With Others, Listening Analytically, Breaking The Rules.

Musical Instruments

Alan Mclean's Drum Lesson Series - www.si.umich.edu/chico/instrument
This site contains a total of 17 free Drum Audio Lessons, including Enquiries, Gripping your Sticks, Posture, Playing your Cymbals, Playing your High/Hats, Working on Drum Technique, Tuning your Toms, Tuning your Bass Drums, Tuning & Playing your Snare.
Instrument Encyclopedia - www.si.umich.edu/chico/instrument
Beginning with more than 140 artifacts from the Stearns Collection at the University of Michigan, this resource features musical instruments from around the world.
Learn Piano Online.com - www.learnpianoonline.com
Piano lessons have never been easier. With free online video and audio support, you can and will successfully teach yourself how to play the piano.
Learning Violin.com - www.learningviolin.com
Some online violin lessons.
MusicLand, The - www.themusicland.co.uk
The UK's leading portal for music education. A whole range of resources for music teachers and pupils. Free music community, discussion forums, ...
Piano Education, The - home.att.net/~jmzeigler/pepinfo.html
The Piano Education Page is a one-stop resource for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano with over 600 pages of free information, upgraded biweekly. Here you find tips on learning to play the piano, getting the right kind of piano lessons and piano teacher, read unbiased reviews of music software and other learning materials, check out over 600 links to other piano or music-related areas of the net, find out about upcoming competitions, read interviews with noteworthy piano artists and educators, visit a fun special page for kids where you can meet famous composers, listen to over 600 pieces of solo piano music, read a special page for teachers of piano filled with tips and ideas, tips on choosing, purchasing and caring new and used pianos and digital keyboards, quickly search the whole site for answers to specific questions, ask questions, make suggestions or comments, and more..
PianoNanny.com  - www.pianonanny.com
This educational piano site is a free public service brought to you by PianoNanny.com and The Nanny Group. Your instructor for the course is film composer and jazz musician, Clinton Clark. Each piano lesson takes about 35 minutes to complete.
Play Music.org  - www.playmusic.org
It provides information about musical instruments and how you can play them. Site created by American Symphony Orchestra League in partnership with Parsons School of Design, a division of the New School for Social Research.

Music Theory and Music Composition

Guide to Musical Composition  - portoweb.com.br/compor/defaultt.htm
Music consultation guide with information on how to write harmony, melody, and counterpoint.
Harmony.org.uk  - www.harmony.org.uk
Syntactic Structures in Music, by Tom Sutcliffe. Aims to help students of music theory understand the role of chord progressions in tonal music. It is based on research into chord progressions which reveals structures similar to those in natural language.
Joseph Schillinger System of Musical Composition  - www.geodyne.com/schillinger
An illustrated guide to a mathematical approach to music composition.
Ken Fansler's Online Music Instruction  - www.arts.ilstu.edu/~kwfansle
Choose a skill level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) and start to learn music.
MusicArrangers.com - Star Theory, Music Theory.  - www.musicarrangers.com
Learn music with Maestro Joe Paparone. Read 3 free excellent online books about music theory. Book 1 - Pitch: Note Names, Diatonic Scales, Key Signatures, Transposition; Book 2 - Chords (Harmony): Laying the foundations, Extensions, House Style, In Practice; Book 3 - Time: The Beat, How to write for musicians, Tempo (how fast), Idiom (what music style).
Musictheory.net  - www.musictheory.net
Ricci Adams Music Theory Galore! Free music lessons, trainers and utilities.
National Association of Composers, USA (NACUSA)  - www.music-usa.org/nacusa
Second oldest composers' organization in the United States.
Practical Guide to Musical Composition, A  - www.musique.umontreal.ca/personnel/Belkin/bk
Contents of the book by Alan Belkin.
Solomon's Music Theory and Composition Resources  - solo1.home.mindspring.com
Music theory and analysis essays, plus resource for musicology, research, notation, recordings, and audio.
Tonal Centre, The - Tonality  - www.andymilne.dial.pipex.com
Interactive site for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality; including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation.
Teoria.com  - www.teoria.com
Practical Music Theory. Includes music software, books, exercises, and links.

MP3 Music

See our MP3 Music page.

Music and Health

Bodymap.org  - bodymap.org
A course for musicians who are in pain or who would like to improve their performance skills. Includes books and articles.
Musician's Health  - www.musicianshealth.com
Educational site devoted to the understanding and the explanation of musician's injuries.

Music News & Media

BBC News - Music  - www.bbc.co.uk/music
Wide-ranging daily music news from the BBC covering rock, pop, alternative, soul, dance, hip-hop, jazz, and classical.
Billboard.com  - www.billboard.com
Daily music news, charts, music downloads, and artist features for rock, pop, country, R&B, jazz, world, and hip-hop.
Chartattack  - chartattack.com
Daily news, reviews, and interviews covering rock, pop, and alternative music. From Chart Magazine (Canada).
Country Music  - www.burningcountry.com
Daily country music news, plus music artist interviews.
eJazzNews.com : Jazz News Issues and Events  - www.ejazznews.com
Providing jazz-related news, articles, events, forums, reviews and MP3 music downloads.
Live Daily  - www.livedaily.com
Rock-oriented concert news, reviews, and interviews. Associated with Ticketmaster Online.
MTV News Headlines  - www.mtv.com/news
Online news from Music Television, focusing on rock, metal, rap, hip hop, R&B, and pop.
MusicJournalist.com  - www.musicjournalist.com/news.html
Selected music headlines from around the Web covering music book reviews, music industry issues, television specials, more.
Music Newswire  - www.vh1.com/news/newswire
Music headlines harvested from a wide variety of music news sites, arranged by type of story (general, industry, label, review) and by news source, with links to original articles.
NME.com  - www.nme.com
The online presence of the renowned UK-based New Musical Express, providing daily news, reviews, interviews, and chat. NME focuses on emerging and non-mainstream music artists.
World Beat from NY Rock  - www.nyrock.com/worldbeat/index.htm
Rock music news - a feature of the NY Rock Web site.

All Music News websites...

Music Performing Rights Societies

Music Record Labels - Overview

Arista Records - www.aristarec.com
Atlantic Records - www.atlantic-records.com
Beggar's Banquet - www.beggars.com
Big Mo Records - wsd.com/BigMo
Capitol Records - www.hollywoodandvine.com
Columbia Records - www.columbiarecords.com
Curb Records - www.curb.com
Discovery Records - discoveryrecords.com
Elektra Entertainment - www.elektra.com
EMI Group - www.emigroup.com
EMI Records UK/Ireland - www.emirecords.co.uk
550 Music - www.sony.com
Feisty Bitch Records - www.feistyb.com
Flat Records - www.netlink.co.uk/users/sonic/flat.htm
Geffen - DGC Records - www.geffen.com
Global Beat - www.globalbeat.com
Good Noise - www.goodnoise.com
Hollywood Records - www.hollywoodrec.com
Interscope Records - www.interscope.com
Island Records - www.islandrecords.com
Jive Records - www.getmusic.com/microsites/jiverecords
Lyric Street - www.lyricstreet.com
Mammoth Records Internet Center - www.mammoth.com
MCA Records (Universal Studios) - www.universalstudios.com
Radioactive Net - radioactive.net
RCA Records  - www.bmg.com
Reprise Records - www.repriserec.com
Restless Records - www.restless.com
Rhino Records - www.rhino.com
Rykodisc - www.rykodisc.com
Size Thirteen Music Online - www.size13music.com
Sony Music - www.sonymusic.com
Subpop WWompus Hunt - www.subpop.com
Sunshine Records - www.sunshine-records.com
The Motown Home Page  - www.motown.com
Universal Records - www.universalrecords.com"
Universal Studios - www.universalstudios.com
Virgin Records. - www.virgin.com
Warner Bros Records (WBR) - www.wbr.com
Windham Hill Records - www.windham.com

Music Shopping

For shopping of music CDs, DVDs, videos, musical instruments, ... 
Click here for the best music shopping websites.

Song Lyrics

Absolute Lyric  - www.absolutelyric.com
The all style free music lyrics website with full lyric search and browser feature. Also Top 50 Popular Lyrics.
Ace Lyrics  - www.acelyrics.com/index.html
The artists in the alphabetical order. Free song lyrics from every type of music. Rap lyrics, R&B lyrics, rock lyrics, pop lyrics, gospel lyrics, punk lyrics, alternative lyrics, metal lyrics, hip-hopv, country lyrics.
Get Lyrics  - www.getlyrics.com
Contains rock and pop discographies with free song lyrics. Organized by artist or group.
LetsSingIt.com  - www.letssingit.com
LetsSingIt.com has a huge archive of free lyrics alphabetically indexed by artist or group. More on this site, a searchable lyric database, adds/requests forms and charts.
Lyrics.com  - www.lyrics.com
Includes large archive of free lyrics.
Lyrics  - lyrics.duble.com/lyrics.htm
Find a lyrics for any song of any kind and style you like from your favourite artist, band or concert.
pureLyrics  - www.purelyrics.com
Features free lyrics database containing numerous full albums, lyrics search engine and charts. Organized by artist.
Song Lyrics  - www.songlyrics.co.nz
A huge, searchable archive of song lyrics from top singers and bands around the world. Find the words to the latest songs here.
SongMeanings  - www.songmeanings.net
It's a community with a free archive of song lyrics and song meanings.

All Lyric websites...

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