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The Best Investing websites

Free Elliott Wave news


Discount Brokers

Ameritrade (& Datek)  - www.ameritrade.com

Charles Schwab  - www.schwab.com
Cititrade  - www.cititrade.com
E*TRADE  - www.etrade.com
Fidelity Investments  - www.fidelity.com
Firstrade  - www.firstrade.com
Harrisdirect  - www.harrisdirect.com
Merrill Lynch & Co Inc  - www.mldirect.ml.com
Scottrade  - www.scottrade.com
TD Waterhouse  - www.tdwaterhouse.com
Wellstrade  - www.wellsfargo.com

Full Brokers

DB Alex Brown  - https://www.alexbrown.db.com
Merrill Lynch Online  - www.newmlol.ml.com
Morgan Stanley  - www.morganstanley.com
Prudential Financial  - www.prudential.com/i
Salomon Smith Barney  - www.salomonsmithbarney.com
Wells Fargo Investments  - www.wellsfargo.com
UBS PaineWebber  - www.ubspainewebber.com

Broker Ratings & Reviews

Gomez Advisors - www.gomezadvisors.com
The leading independent authority devoted to on-line financial services. G�mez Benchmarks rank the top broker firms in key areas of online customer experience.

Company Information & Reports

Annual Report Gallery  - www.reportgallery.com
Annual Reports listings, online versions in HTML and PDF. Over 1000 annual reports, most of the fortune 500 reports listed.
Annual Reports Library  - www.zpub.com/sf/arl
Annual Reports Library has built a collection of over 1.5 million original reports (and proxies) from corporations, foundations, banks, mutual funds and public institutions.
Corporate Information  - www.corporateinformation.com
Extensive collection of corporate profiles, industry research reports and links to company Web sites worldwide.
EDGAR  - edgar.sec.gov/edgar.shtml
EDGAR is the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. It's a tremendous resource for researchers; you can download the full text of a wide variety of US company filings in which the company discloses everything from the biggest risks they face to the ages and compensation packages of their top executives and, often, their share of the market. All this for free.
Fortune  - www.fortune.com
The official Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and Global 500 databases of contact and financial information for the world's largest companies.
Hoover's Online  - www.hoovers.com
The Ultimate Source for Company Information. Premium services require subscription.
The Economist Intelligence Unit  - www.eiu.com
Pay-as-you-go access to the Economist Intelligence Units entire database of business analysis and intelligence covering 185 countries, strategic industries and management best practice.
Wall Street Research Net  - www.wsrn.com
Your one stop for financial research. Use Research A Company to access SEC documents, home pages, news, charts, statistical analysis and more.

Investing Online Resources & Tips

Investing Online Resource Center - IORC  - www.investingonline.org
The Investing Online Resource Center (IORC) is the only independent, non-commercial organization dedicated solely to serving the individual consumer who invests online or is considering doing so. The IORC is funded by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions and the nonprofit Investor Protection Trust. The Investing Online Resource Center is an official project of NASAA.
SEC's Office of Investor Education and Assistance  - www.sec.gov/investor.shtml
The SEC's Office (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) of Investor Education and Assistance provides a variety of services to address the problems and questions you may face as an investor. They cannot tell you what investments to make, but they can tell you how to invest wisely and avoid fraud.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC  - www.sec.gov
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): official Federal Agency website, including news, legal and other releases and reports, investor education material, and the EDGAR database of corporate disclosure reports

Investment Magazines

Applied Derivatives Trading  - www.adtrading.com
Monthly magazine that examines current issues in the derivatives markets.
Barrons  - www.barrons.com
Weekly publication for investors from the publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Paid subscription is required for access. Free trial is available.
Business Week  - www.businessweek.com
A renowned business publication. Business news, trends and profiles of successful businesspeople.
Elliott Wave International  - www.elliottwave.com
Market forecasting based on Elliott Wave technical analysis. Including Global Market Perspective, Global Stock Perspective, Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, Elliott Wave Theorist, Financial Forecast Short Term Update, Daily Futures Junctures, Monthly Futures Junctures, The European Financial Forecast, and The European Short Term Update.
Forbes Magazine  - www.forbes.com
Information about companies and the people who run them. Forbes "success" lists including the Platinum 400 best-performing U.S. big companies, the Private 500 largest U.S. private firms, and the world's richest people.
Global Investor Magazine  - www.globalinvestormagazine.com
The magazine dedicated to the international investment community.
Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine  - www.traders.com
Online resource for technical analysis. Excellent site well suited to readers of the magazines and traders in general.
The Internet Analyst  - www.theinternetanalyst.com
An online magazine by Multex.com focusing on internet stocks.
Traders World Magazine  - www.tradersworld.com
Interactive publication for stock and commodity traders.
Worth Magazine  - www.worth.com
Provides expert views on money, markets, and the culture of finance with tips and tools to grow money.

Options, Futures & Commodities

250percent.com  - www.250percent.com
To help educate investors about the risks and rewards of options investing. Risks and maximum reward of the various techniques is discussed.
Anne Burden's Futures Guide  - www.futures-guide.com
Commodity charts, settlement prices, historical futures and options data, and futures market update by Anne Burden CTA.
Applied Derivatives Trading  - www.adtrading.com
Monthly magazine that examines current issues in the derivatives markets.
Center For Futures Education, Inc.  - www.thectr.com
Futures and securities training for brokers and traders.
Commodity Seasonals  - www.commodityseasonals.com
Detailed explanation of seasonal changes in supply and demand of the commodity markets.
Covered Calls  - www.coveredcalls.com
Free data for covered call investing, including a calculator for analyzing positions.
DailyFutures.com  - www.dailyfutures.com
News, charts, and information for serious futures investors.
Elliott Wave Futures Focus  - www.elliottwave.com
Futures Focus is a free service provided by Elliott Wave International. It covers daily commentary on the U.S. futures markets. Other services include the Daily Futures Junctures, Monthly Futures Junctures, and The Elliott Wave Theorist.
FutureSource  - www.futuresource.com
Free news, delayed quotes, charts, weather, and discussion groups.
Optionetics  - www.optionetics.com
Commentary, publications, and options portfolios.
Option Digest  - www.OptionDigest.com
Message board, recommendations, and trading strategies.
Options Industry Council  - www.optionscentral.com
An introduction to options and related strategies. Free options quotes, seminars and interactive software.
Options Newsletter  - www.optionsnewsletter.com
Covered call and stock option ideas updated daily.
Options Resource Center  - www.e-analytics.com/optaaa.htm
Academic quality papers and examples dealing with all aspects of options.
Platts  - www.platts.com
Global commodity news and information.
SchaeffersResearch.com  - www.schaeffersresearch.com
Market analysis and commentary, sentiment research, option quotes, educational and trading tools for stock and option investors.
TFC Commodity Charts  - tfc-charts.w2d.com
Tracks many major commodities and financial indicators.
The Option Club  - www.optionclub.com
Research and option strategies for equity, indices and futures.
The Options Institute  - www.theoptionsinstitute.com
Free courses and seminars offered by the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
The Option Strategist  - www.optionstrategist.com
Options trading resources, advice and commentary from Lawrence G. Mcmillan.


About.com : Online Brokerage and Banking  - onlinebrokerage.about.com
Reviews and articles about trading basics, and tips on choosing a broker.
American Association of Individual Investors  - www.aaii.org
Independent not-for-profit corporation formed to assist individuals to become effective managers of their own assets through education and research.
AsiaMoney  - www.asiamoney.com
Reports on investment and business situation, trends and news in Asia.
BigCharts  - www.bigcharts.com
Interactive online charting service giving free and unlimited access to charts, reports, indicators, and quotes on 22,700 US stocks, mutual funds, and major market indices.
BondsOnline  - www.bondsonline.com
Information, news, quotes and trading for the individual and institutional bond investor.
Daily Stocks  - www.dailystocks.com
Provides charting, market commentary, news, and fundamental research for U.S. stocks.
Elliott Wave International  - www.elliottwave.com
Market forecasting based on Elliott Wave technical analysis. Free market commentary, chat, Bob Prechter's column and more.
EquityTrader  - www.EquityTrader.com
Technical analysis using bolinger bands, performance rankings and potential appreciation for 3,300 stocks.
Hedgehog University  - www.hedge-hog.com/hhu/hhu.html
Free on-line course on investing in stocks. Interaction with instructors in discussion forums.
Historical Stock Data  - kumo.swcp.com/stocks
Offers free historical data on S&P 500 stocks going back one year. Download, with weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates. Charts with technical analysis for individual stocks.
Investors.com  - www.investors.com
Daily stock market and business news, quotes, mutual fund performance, and market analysis. SmartSelect Ratings for NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX stocks.
Motley Fool  - www.fool.com
Educational resource for the individual investor.
MSN Money - Investing  - moneycentral.msn.com/investor
Investing home page features investment tools like stock quotes, charts, a portfolio manager and much more. Plus market news and financial commentary from award-winning MSN Money journalists.
Red Herring (StockMaster- www.stockmaster.com
Interactive charting, free quotes, stock and mutual fund data, portfolios with mini charts, message boards and more.
SignalWatch  - www.signalwatch.com
Each day Ed Downs evaluates the overall market, and picks out charts that are exhibiting proven Technical Analysis patterns.
StockCharts.com  - stockcharts.com
Free stock charts and market analysis for online investors.
TheStreet.com  - www.TheStreet.com
Top site for timely investment commentary.
ThomsonFN.com  - www.thomsonfn.com
Tools for selecting and researching stocks.
Value Line  - www.valueline.com
Value Line provides investment research on stocks, mutual funds, options and convertibles, and offers a family of no-load mutual funds.
WallStreetTape  - www.wallstreettape.com
Day Trading and investing site offering daily stock picks.


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