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The Best Humor websites

Selected humorous websites about Jokes, One-Liners, Funny Pictures, Cartoons, ..

Cartoons & Funny Pictures

AhaJokes.com - Funny Cartoons  - www.ahajokes.com/funny_cartoons.html
Thousands of clean jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, funny audio, funny videos, and random humor.
Amusing Pics  - www.amusingpics.com
A variety of categorized images that can be sent as email postcards.
Comedy Zone - Daily Cartoons  - www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/index.htm
Daily cartoons from a collection of cartoonists.
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index  - cagle.msnbc.com
The site for daily cartoons, and the most comprehensive listing of cartoonists on the internet.
Speeds cartoons  - www.speeds-cartoons.com
Offers 8,500+ cartoons, jokes, funny pictures, e-cards, comics, animations, movies, flash cartoons, flash games, and shockwave games.
VeryFunnyPics.com  - www.veryfunnypics.com
A growing archive of funny pictures, images, cartoons, and comics.

Funny Quotes

AmusingQuotes.com  - www.amusingquotes.com
Famous funny quotes from stars, writers, celebs, authors - including many quotations, sayings and famous quote by authors, comics, entertainers and actors.
Comedy Zone - Funny Quotes  - www.comedy-zone.net/guide/quotes.htm
Includes 1,000+ funny quotes sorted into categories.
GoodQuotess.com  - www.goodquotes.com
GoodQuotes.com lists thousands of funny and inspirational quotes: bumper stickers, proverbs, funny thoughts, silly quotes, Murphy's laws, gravestones, pickup lines, mistranslations, celebrity quotes, answering machine messages, famous last words and more.
Things People Said  - www.rinkworks.com/said
Collection of funny quotes taken from real life situations.


Aardvark Archie's Dirty Jokes  - www.aardvarkarchie.com/jokes/index.htm
Dirty jokes in all popular categories.
AhaJokes.com  - www.ahajokes.com
Thousands of clean jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, funny audio, funny videos, and random humor.
Brian's Brain  - www.brainofbrian.com
Humor and fun site with jokes, lists, and useless facts.
Comedy Zone Jokes  - www.comedy-zone.net/jokes/index.htm
Database of funny jokes including drinking, lawyers, political, and kids jokes.
HumorShack.com  - www.humorshack.com
One of the biggest jokes and humor archives on the net. Also cartoons & pictures.
Jokedictionary.com  - www.jokedictionary.com
Collection of jokes in alphabetical order in over 300 categories.
Jokes.com  - www.jokes.com
Large collection of jokes and humor, as well as Hondo's Headline News.
Kids' Jokes  - www.kidsjokes.co.uk
Over 2000 clean kids jokes for children of any age, lots of categories, animal jokes, knock knock jokes, and silly jokes.
Lots of Jokes  - www.lotsofjokes.com
Has both clean and dirty jokes in hundreds of categories, plus a chat room and discussion forum.
RandomJoke.com  - www.randomjoke.com
Large collection of random jokes, funny stories, and one liners.
Rec.Humor.Funny  - www.netfunny.com
Rec.Humor.Funny is the net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup. This site features descriptions and history of rec.humor.funny, access to current and old jokes, a searchable archive of past jokes, and an index of other funny web pages.
Scatty.com  - www.scatty.com
Over 3500 clean fun family jokes in lots of categories for everyone to enjoy.
Science Jokes  - www.xs4all.nl/~jcdverha/scijokes
Science humor collected by Joachim Verhagen.

Special Humor

Computer Stupidities  - www.rinkworks.com/stupid
Humorous anecdotes of users creatively misusing computers.
Easter Egg Archive, The - EEGGS  - www.eeggs.com
Amusing secret tidbits hidden in software, movies, music, TV, books, and art.
Mind Your Own Business  - mindyourownbusiness.com
Site dedicated to proving that male etiquette is not an oxymoron. Insults, Satire, Games, Freebies, Mr. Manners and Jokes.


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