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The Best Computer Hardware websites

Computer Buses & Interfaces

See our page Computer Buses & Interfaces.

Computer Basics, Dictionaries and Support

CompInfo-Center.com  - www.compinfo-center.com
A one-stop reference resource for corporate IT, computer software, computers and communications. Including a comprehensive directory of computer hardware, software, and telecommunications manufacturers with product support, news pages, jobs pages, investment pages, products, and addresses.
Computers (Wikipedia)  - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer
Learn more about computers from Wikipedia.
Computing.Net (Tom's Guide)  - www.computing.net
Centralizing technical support for all operating systems and all computer types in one location.
ExtremeTech.com  - www.extremetech.com
Deep technology content. Tutorials, discussion and analysis of core and emerging computing technology. From Ziff Davis Media.
Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing (FOLDOC)  - foldoc.doc.ic.ac.uk
FOLDOC is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything to do with computing.
Indiana University - Knowledge Base  - kb.iu.edu
A comprehensive database of thousands of articles on computer tutorials.
PC Mech  - www.pcmech.com
PCMech (formerly called PC Mechanic) is about computers and technology. An Internet guide to do-it-yourself computing, covering computers, hardware, software, etc.
PC Pitstop  - www.pcpitstop.com
FREE PC scans to help you fix Windows crashes, improve security, optimize PC performance, get the latest drivers, and more.
PC Technology Guide  - www.pctechguide.com
Aimed at the hobbyist or interested novice, The PC Technology Guide covers the various technologies underlying the PCs major internal components and peripherals. It includes many explanatory graphics and an integrated glossary.
Tech Tutorials  - www.techtutorials.net
Free computer tutorials, whitepapers and certification resources for the Windows family, Macintosh, Unix and others.
TechEncyclopedia  - www.techweb.com/encyclopedia
More than 20,000 definitions of computer terms and concepts online.
WhatIs.com  - whatis.techtarget.com
WhatIs.com is a knowledge exploration tool about information technology, especially about the Internet and computers. It contains over thousands individual encyclopedic definition/topics and a number of "Fast Reference" pages.

Computer Hardware Reviews

Anandtech Hardware Reviews  - www.anandtech.com
Independent hands-on reviews of computer hardware such as motherboards, graphic cards, CPUs, etc.
CNET Computers.com  - www.cnet.com
Technology product reviews, price comparisons, tech video, and more
ComputingReview.com  - www.computingreview.com
Computers, cell phones, MP3 Player, printers, scanners and other peripherals reviewed and rated by unbiased users.
IT Reviews  - www.itreviews.co.uk
A UK web site for independent reviews by professional journalists. Reviews for hardware, software, games, and I.T.-related books.
PC World Online  - www.pcworld.com/reviews/top100/index/0,00.asp
Printer page links to reviews of the top Hardware and Software.
ReviewBooth  - www.reviewbooth.com
Organized, searchable collection of thousands of links to published computer hardware and software product reviews.
ReviewFinder  - www.reviewfinder.com
Resource for finding reviews of computer hardware, software, games and other non-computer reviews on the internet.
Storage Review  - www.storagereview.com
Comprehensive benchmarks and reviews on ATA and SCSI Hard Drives, CD-ROMs, and removable storage devices along with storage-related news, links, forums, surveys, and comparisons.
SysOpt.com  - www.sysopt.com
Hardware reviews and user-submitted reviews for motherboards, processors, graphics cards, sound cards, monitors.
Tom's Hardware Guide  - www.tomshardware.com
Tom's Hardware Guide delivers hard-hitting articles and reports to tech-savvy IT professionals, technology innovators and early adopters looking to buy PC hardware products and services. All kinds of technical product reviews including motherboards, CPUs, memory chips and video cards.
ZDNet UK Reviews  - www1.zdnet.co.uk/reviews
Desktop PCs, notebooks, handhelds, printers, monitors and peripherals.

Notebooks / Laptops & Netbooks

CompUSA.com - Notebook & Netbook Deals  - www.compusa.com
CompUSA is a preferred online shop for laptops, netbooks, desktop computers, high-def TVs, and electronics. The new and improved CompUSA.com website offers even lower prices, greater selection, faster shipping, and 24/7 customer service online and over the phone.
CNET Laptop Reviews  - computers.cnet.com/hardware/0-1026.html
Notebook and laptop computer reviews.
DELL Notebook Specials  - www.dell.com/notebooks
Deals on Dell Inspiron notebooks & Notebook Buying Guide.
Notebook Review  - www.notebookreview.com
Information for notebook and laptop users: News, reviews, tips, downloads, and newsletter.
ToshibaDirect.com - Laptop Deals  - www.toshibadirect.com
ToshibaDirect.com is your one stop for Toshiba laptops, tablet PCs, netbooks and laptop accessories, including Toshiba-brand accessories. It's the ONLY place to customize a Toshiba laptop!

Hardware Companies

Acer Worldwide - global.acer.com
Alienware - High-Performance Gaming PCs - www.alienware.com
Apple Computer, Inc. - www.apple.com
Compaq - www.compaq.com
CTX - www.ctxintl.com
Dell Computers - Business Systems - www.dell.com/business
Dell Computers - Home Systems - www.dell.com/home
EMC Corporation -�http://www.emc.com
Epson - www.epson.com
Fujitsu PC Corporation - www.fujitsupc.com
Gateway - www.gateway.com
Hewlett-Packard (HP) - www.hp.com
Hitachi - www.hitachi.com
IBM - www.ibm.com
Intel - www.intel.com
Lenovo.com - ThinkCentre PC's & ThinkPad notebooks  -�http://www.lenovo.com
Maxtor Corporation-�http://www.maxtor.com
NEC - www.nec.com
Seagate Technology-�http://www.seagate.com
Sony - The official SONY store - www.sonystyle.com
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - www.sun.com
Texas Instruments - www.ti.com
ToshibaDirect.com - www.toshibadirect.com
Unisys - www.unisys.com
Western Digital-�http://www.westerndigital.com


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