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The Best online Auction sites

Selected quality websites about online auction. Find all kind of auctions, from antique to houses and vacations.

General online Auction websites

eBay.com  - www.ebay.com
Founded in September 1995, eBay is the worldwide leading online auction marketplace for the sale of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals and businesses. eBay has more items and categories than any other auction site.
You can register for free at eBay.com or at one of these country specific websites:
eBay.au (Australia) |  eBay.be (Belgium) |  eBay.ca (Canada) |  eBay.fr (France) |  eBay.hk (Hong Kong) |  eBay.in (India) | 
eBay.it (Italy) |  eBay.nl (Nederland) |  eBay.es (Spain) |  eBay.co.uk (United Kingdom)

Free Registration
Liquidation.com  - www.liquidation.com
Liquidation.com is a Liquidity Services, Inc. marketplace where visitors can buy commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets via an online auction. Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small package, and conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used.

Specialized Auction websites

Art Auction Houses

Bonhams  - www.bonhams.com
Bonhams is the world's oldest and largest auctioneer of fine art and antiques still in British ownership. The name Bonhams is recognised worldwide throughout all sectors of the fine art, antiques and collectors market, and several of its departments are established world leaders within their fields.
Christie's  - www.christies.com
In 1766, James Christie opened his London auction house and launched the worlds first fine art auctioneers.
Skinner  - www.skinnerinc.com
Skinner is a full-service auctioneer and appraiser of antiques and fine art with galleries in Boston and Marlborough, Mass.
Sotheby's  - www.sothebys.com
Premier auction house for fine art, antiques, books, jewelry, toys, dolls, and other collectible memorabilia.

Auto Auctions

eBay Motors! eBay Motors - online auto auctions  - www.motors.ebay.com
Online auction site for new and used cars, motorcycles, and parts and accessories.

Boat Auctions

USA Auctions (BentBoat)  - www.usauctions.com
For many years BentBoat has been conducting no minimum, no reserve, no shills auctions of damaged and undamaged boats. They are continually expanding the "no reserve" offerings which increasingly include undamaged boats and non boat items. So the name USA Auctions more commensurate the new direction.

Computer Auctions

CompUSA Auctions  - www.compusaauctions.com
Auctions of refurbished, discontinued, and returned items, organized by category.
Dell Auction  - www.dellauction.com
With DellAuction you can participate in bidding and purchasing refurbished Dell off-lease laptop and desktop computers.

Jewelry Auctions

Bidz.com  - www.bidz.com
Bidz.com is the home of the $1 dollar, No Reserve, a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and World Wide Free Shipping. You can bid at on-line auctions, which can end anywhere from $1 to $20,000+. For the anxious bidders with little time to wait, Bidz.com has exclusive LIVE 3 Minute Auctions running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a breakthrough in the online auctions.
Bidz specializes in jewelry and accessories. The endless inventory offers everything from diamonds and pearls, to watches and engagements rings.
Currently, Bidz is selling more than 10,000 pieces of jewelry a day. Also, the expensive selection includes a wide selection of artwork.

Real Estate Auctions

Auction.com - REDC  - www.auction.com
Buy foreclosure properties, homes, houses, condos, repos, raw land, bank notes, loans and commercial real estate property online at REDC's Auction.com.

Travel Auctions

Priceline.com  - www.priceline.com
Priceline.com is the world's first buying service through which consumers name the price they're willing to pay. Priceline finds sellers willing to meet buyers' needs and price, thus facilitating thousands of buyer-driven transactions each day. Name your own price for Airline tickets, Hotel rooms, Cruises, Car rentals and Vacation packages.
SkyAuction.com - Bid on travel  - www.skyauction.com
SkyAuction.com is a leading travel auction marketplace where you can bid on Airline tickets, Hotels, Tours, Cruises, all-inclusive Vacation packages and more.. SkyAuction offers more than 800 daily auctions and registration is free. Auction winners routinely come away saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on travel.

Guides & Tips for online Auctions

Auctions (Wikipedia)  - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auction
Learn more about auctions at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Topics include: History of the auction, Types of auction, Time requirements, Bidding strategy (Bid shading, Chandelier bidding, Collusion, Suggested opening bid or SOB), Auction terminology.
Internet Auctions: A Guide for Buyers and Sellers  - www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/tech/tec07.shtm
Internet Auctions Guide from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), including: How Internet Auctions Work, Phishing, Payment Options, Types of Fraud, Tips for Buyers, Tips for Sellers,..
Internet Auctions: Tips & Facts  - www.onguardonline.gov/topics/internet-auctions.aspx
What you have to know about online acutions, from OnGuard Online. With specific tips vor buyers and tips for sellers.
AuctionGuide.com  - www.auctionguide.com
An internet Guide to worldwide Auctions and Auctioneers.
InternetAuctionList.com  - www.internetauctionlist.com
This web portal claims to have the largest auction directory.



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