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The Best Cell Phone Stores & Telephone Services

Telephone Cards / Calling Cards

See also Telephone Services.

Best Phone Card Stores  - www.bestphonecardstores.com
BestPhoneCardStores.com is one of the best sources for online Phone Cards. BestPhoneCardStores.com has selected the best online Phone Card Stores, so you can have the best deals. The selected stores have low prices and fast shipping for your satisfaction.
Calling Cards  - www.CallingCards.com
CallingCards.com is one of the largest online wholesalers and master distributors of cheap International Prepaid Calling Cards. They are serving hundreds of thousands of worldwide online customers providing quality calling cards at the lowest prices. They claim to have the highest discounts on wholesale calling cards. You can use the Search to find the Best Rates to your country. Call cards include: Absolute, Blackstone, Centro Americard, China Dragon, Digitec, Flat Rate Nickel, Flat Rate Sunny Sky (Telefyne), Freedom Call (OTC), Haiti-Jamaica card (Radient), Homeland, Megatel, Metropolis, Nations Card (Natal), Net 2 Call, Nickel 2000 (Ultimate), Olympic Gold (STS), One Cent Phonecard, Original Card (CTA), Pay Rite (NCS), Penny Saver, Penny Breaker, The Ultimate Penny, Phonecard one, Royal (Smart Talk), Selection 2000, TCC WorldCom, Universal (Ultimate), USA 1.5 Phonecard,..

Most Called Countries:
USA India Germany
Canada Pakistan Philippines
Mexico United Kingdom China

ZapTel - Phone Cards Worldwide  - www.Zaptel.com
Zaptel is the original online Prepaid Domestic and International Calling Cards Superstore. Zaptel is offering a broad selection of hand-picked Phone Card services, many with enhanced features like online recharging, online call records, and PINzap´┐Ż pinless dialing. Find objective comparisons of international phone cards and purchase advice for your long distance phone calls.
The customer satisfaction is very high, about 80% of Zaptel's customers are repeat customers.
Call From:
 Call To:

Telephone Services

Internet Phone Services (Broadband or VOIP)

Net2Phone  - web.net2phone.com
Net2Phone is a leading provider of voice and enhanced Internet communications services to individuals and businesses. Its suite of services provides low-cost, high quality phone calls using personal computers, traditional telephones, Internet devices, and calling cards. With millions of customers worldwide, Net2Phone has established itself as a leader in low-cost calling.
PhonePower.com  - www.phonepower.com
Phone Power is a new generation telephone company that uses your broadband internet connection. They offer flat-rate calling packages that include all your local and long distance calling. You can save 60-70% on your phone bills. Phone Power includes dozens of calling features for free.
Skype - Free Calls  - www.skype.com
Skype is a little piece of free software that lets you make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world. And even though the calls are free, they are really excellent quality. If you and your friends, family or business contacts are using webcams, you can also make free video calls.
You can even call landlines and mobile phones at really cheap per minute rates (and there's no setup or subscription fee).
Just like instant messengers, you can also use Skype to chat and not just with one other person at a time, but with up to 100 people in a group chat.

Wireless - Cellular Phones

Cell Phones

Best Cell Phone Stores  - www.bestcellphonestores.com
BestCellPhoneStores.com is one of the best sources for cell phones & cell phone accessories. BestCellPhoneStores.com selects the best online Cell Phone Stores & Cell Phone Accessory Stores, so you can have the best deals. The selected stores have low prices and fast shipping for your satisfaction.




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