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The Best Music Shopping Stores

Music CDs, DVDs, Videos, MP3s,...

Top stores for all your favorite music, including Aaliyah, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Dannii & Kylie Minogue, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Las Ketchup, Madonna, Nelly, Shakira, Whitney Houston and many more...

CD Music Stores

Barnes & Noble.com - Music Store  - music.barnesandnoble.com
This is the Music Store of Barnes and Nobles. Selected as Forbes' No. 1 choice for music shopping, Barnes & Noble.com is one of the most trusted names in the business. Browse many music categories for CDs, DVDs and videos. Look also at the Bestsellers and Bargain section.
Gift Certificates: Yes | Delivery: Worldwide
DVDPlanet.com  - www.dvdplanet.com
On January 11, 1999, Image Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: DISK), a leading licensee and distributor of DVD and VHS programming, acquired Ken Crane's DVD and Laserdisc. They changed the name to DVDPlanet.com and redesigned the website. They will now be able to provide premiere service to Internet, mail order and phone order customers by providing the best in selection and service. They also run the largest DVD and Laserdisc store in the world (Orange County, CA).
Delivery: Worldwide
Sony Music Direct  - www.sonymusicdirect.com
Sony Music Direct is the division of Sony Music Entertainment Inc. focused on creating and delivering exciting offers direct to consumers in the US. They select the offers from the full music and video catalogue of Sony Music. It is very likely that you have seen the offers on television, in print, and now on-line. At SonyMusicDirect.com the offers will be constantly changing and you will always find special offers and incentives and never will you pay full price.
Delivery: U.S.

MP3 Music Downloads

EMusic.com  - www.emusic.com
EMusic is the world's most popular MP3 music subscription service with more than 35,000 paying subscribers. One low monthly fee (less than the cost of one CD) gives you unlimited access to explore and download any of EMusic's 200,000+ songs and 17,000+ albums from 10,000+ artists in every genre from 900 of the world's best independent music labels. EMusic's catalog is constantly expanding with new albums, artists and labels added every month. All EMusic's tracks are in the industry standard MP3 format and subscribers are encouraged to make multiple copies for personal use, burn the music to CDs and transfer their music to portable MP3 players. In addition, EMusic subscribers own the music they download. Your first 14 days or 50 MP3s are FREE.
Delivery: Worldwide

Musical Tools

Live365  - www.live365.com
Live 365 is the world's largest Internet Radio Network. At Live365 you can create your own Internet radio station and listen to thousands of stations created by others. Broadcasters, artists and fans can interact with each other. Find the station that fits your mood exactly. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer. Instantly become a DJ, Talk show host, or stand-up comedian.
Delivery: Worldwide

Musical Instruments & Accessories

Music123  - www.music123.com
Music 123 is a leading online retailer of musical instruments, accessories, software, and sheet music. Music 123 carries an unparalleled selection of brands because top manufacturers have continually recognized Music123 as a pioneer in serving and selling to customers on the Internet. Music123 is one of the few dealers that has been given difficult to obtain online franchises by manufacturers such as Fender, Gibson, and Yamaha.
Music 123 sells:
  • Guitars - electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, hollowbody, folk instruments, guitar & bass effects, guitar strings, cables, guitar accessories
  • Amplifiers - guitar amps, bass amps, acoustic amps, keyboard amps, portable amps, amp accessories
  • Keyboards - digital pianos, portable keybords, pro keyboards & synths, drum machines, keyboard accessories, MIDI
  • Drums & Percussion instruments - drums, electronic drums, latin percussion, world percussion, concert percussion, marching percussion, hardware, mounting systems, cymbals, sticks, heads & pads, bags & cases, drum parts
  • Recording & Live Sound -music recording, live sound, software & interfaces
  • DJ equipment & Lighting - dj gear, lighting equipment
  • Band & Orchestra instruments - woodwinds, brass, orchestral strings, classroom music
  • Sheet Music & Accessories - sheet music, accessories, musical gifts
Gift Certificates: Yes | Delivery: Worldwide
MusiciansFriend.com - the World's Largest Music Gear Company  - www.musiciansfriend.com
Musician's Friend offers over 36,000 music products on its website.
Products offered include:
  • Guitars - Electric, Acoustic, OAI, Amplifiers, Effects, Accessories, Specials
  • Bass - Electric, Acoustic, Amps, Effects, Accessories, Specials
  • Keyboards - Synths/Workstations, Modules, Digital Pianos, MIDI, Keyboard Amplifiers, Accessories, Specials
  • Percussion instruments - Acoustic, Electric, Hand Percussion, Cymbals, Hardware, Accessories, Specials
  • DJ equipment - Turntables, CD Players, Mixers, Lighting & Effects, Accessories, Specials
  • Recording - Music Recorders, Computer Hardware, Mixers, Headphones/Monitors, Mics, Accessories, Specials
  • Live Sound - Mixers, Speakers, Mics/Wireless, Signal Processors, Power Amps, Accessories, Specials
  • and Books, Videos, Apparel, Sheet Music, Instructional Software, DVD/VHS Instructional
Hundreds of new products are added monthly as the company continues to broaden and deepen its offerings. Musician's Friend offers money-back satisfaction and price guarantees on every purchase.
Gift Certificates: Yes | Delivery: Worldwide


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