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About Us

BestSearchers mission statement is to provide you with the best starting point to the web.

We make it easy for you to find quickly whatever you want.� Therefore, we constantly search the Web to select the highest quality websites, search engines and directories.� We add features and tips for your convenience.

We differentiate us because we concentrate on quality, not quantity.� It is our believe that you don't want to browse hundreds or thousands of links for one topic, but that you simply want to find the best and most visited websites as fast as possible.

Our "Website Selection Criteria" (Ranking system) are:
  1. quality of the content
  2. popularity of the website
  3. amount of free content
  4. user friendly site design

All your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. The more information you provide, the more quickly we will be able to improve this site to meet your needs. Simply send a mail.�
We do everything to offer useful, exact and up-to-date information.� If you still find any errors, please report these.

This website is owned and operated by RODECTA bvba, a Belgian company active in website development and worldwide online marketing.

General note:�
If you click an external link, then the external content is shown in a new window.� By simply closing this window, you can return quickly to our site and explore other links.� We only open one new window for an external link, so if you see more windows opening (e.g. advertising pop-ups) then these windows are generated by the website you just clicked. We don't use pop-up/pop-under advertisements.

We do not send, and have never sent, spam email of any sort.
If you have received spam showing a BestSearchers.com email address, please read:

Spoofing or Forging of our Email Addresses


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